Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meta Zen

Light flickering low
Nowhere else to go
so I fall within
And so I begin
To wake
in a dream
make me scream
Which I can't shake
From Mistakes I make
And so I recluse
Love I refuse
Inward bound
And Music found
Lost Soul in me
From What I need
From What I see
From that I feed
Now Let it be
Now Let it go
From High to low
Now I will grow
To become ...
Myself again
But without friends
To hold me tight
Lonely nights
I Lost it all
In Downward fall
And Then I grasp
A Breathing gasp
An Orgasmic past
To An Organic task
Now Seedling Grow
A Harmonic Flow
Beauty in death
Now Rise from breathe
See Pheonix fly
I too shall die
And From the ashes...
I will Rise again
Only to find...
My Meta Zen

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