Monday, February 28, 2011

META ZEN - FINISH HIM (FREE DOWNLOAD WAV MP3 FLAC) {Dubstep / Breaks for Winter Music Conference (WMC)}

Meta Zen- Finish Him (FREE DOWNLOAD!) [MP3/320kpbs] by Meta Zen

Right in time for Miami's Winter Music Conference here is Psychedelic Dubstep / Filthy Psychedelic Breaks track free for your downloading pleasure.  This is a dancefloor heater that is also a great transition track for those DJ's that like to spin multiple genres.

Comments about this track:
"Killer track bro, love it! Any chance you'll ever do a vinyl press of this?" - Trevor Brown

"WOOOW! Very nice work! Brutal bassline!"- Sakic

"I love tracks like this." - Omen Phaze

"Love It" - Rei

"Daaang,bro. That's some heavy biznez!" B-Rad

FREE WAV DOWNLOAD available through band camp. LIMITED 200 WAV file downloads!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I command
take stand
be a man
come with it
and come correct
or i'll put you back in check
you have no idea
what I've got here
I advise to stear clear
I'm sharp as a knife
I come back to life
if you stab me in the heart
I laugh at coming apart
re-mind myself of truth
going back to my youth
where nothing made sense
sittin on the fence
take a look through my lens
ladies and gents
you might not understand
or fully comprehend
but the lucid dreams I hold
stories I have told
are ancient old
and beyond words...


I confide
lonely I ride
even surrounded
and grounded
not at home
I am alone

surrounded by friends
my soul mends
but I admit
that when I sit
at home
I am alone

even with family
I could cease to be
only then I would see
that I am a part of thee
I would then be shown
I am not alone

My Heart

my heart
broken apart
from my own decisions
from my clouded visions
I just need now some space
taken from this place
taking me back
 ... into the dark
where my my mind
 ...falls apart
and i lose sight
...of my soul
sink into
... that black hole
but out the other end
I am reborn again

If I leave before you...

Here I am
inside crying
slowly dying
in pain
all the same
as I thought
I am not

one day
I will
cease to be
then be free
from shackles that bind
of life and my mind
miss thee
I will
As I go on my way

but before
one I become
I urge you
stay strong
be yourself
change not
for anyone

MZ's Mantraz

I will resonate on LOVE
I will Love the Universe
I will LOVE Myself
I will be healthy
I will heal from within
I will be positive
I will be happy
I will treat my body well
I will always strive to constantly improve myself
I will attract success
I will learn from my injuries and mistakes
I will attract and foster positivity and happiness around me.
I will LOVE the people in my life
I will find forgiveness
I will find peace
I will love and help those around me as best as I can
I will never regret the past
I will live my life to the fullest
I will act in a way that looks towards my future
I will look forward optimistically with no expectation
I will be as strong as I can be
I will have enough money
I will be free from desire
I will always look towards the solution
I will inspire
I will be inspired
I will create
I will fill my cup
I will manifest my dreams

When No One Listens

the end is nigh...
its time to fly
away from the lie
red tears I cry
I will find myself anew
I will miss thee, too
I will find thee, truth...
But here is not home
For I am alone
My body bruised
My talents unused
My heart broken
My soul has spoken
I will mend
I will heal
I will find ...
a new appeal
A support system
A group that loves me
Someone who will listen
To my musical ecstacy...
Inspire me to live
And help me give
Love to the world
Heal and dispell
the heartache, disdain
and darkness I contain

Theoretically speaking...

I'm the...
exception to the rule
take a swim in my pool
of consciousness and thought
through life I have fought
to find answers within
in the universe I spin
formulating ideas
confronting my fears
even if I'm wrong
my heart stays strong
for I...
challenge the status quo
shatter my ego
go back to the source
and conjure my force
I am my hero
I divide by zero
take it to the zero power
wait a minute-
... to feel an hour
grand unification
spiraling through
paradoxes abound
my theories are sound
wisdom can be found
if you look around

Upside down

You've swept me off me feet..
Turned me upside down
Inspiring me..
To turn my life around
Show me how To love
And Show me how to give
I am Beside Myself
Seems for you I live
Inspiring me..
To Become a  better me
From the love I receive
and clearly I see
Though, Sometimes I am afraid
For I am not free
For you hold my heart
And of glass it Is made
But your what I want
Your what I need
The seed I plant
The book I read
The more I laugh
The more I cry
The more I live
And with you I try
To love myself even more
But find ... it is you that I adore...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mauricio Live in Maui (NYE 2000)

Imagine a bunch of friends travelling to Maui, Hawaii to spend New Years Eve 2000 during the whole Y2K Craze.  We decided there wasn't any better place to be than paradise if something went down.  Well, on this lovely evening, we all traversed the looking glass in our own ways to find ourselves joining the beautiful night of the magical wonderland that is Maui.  I spun my vinyl on the beach, inspired by my surroundings, friends, and various influences...

This is one of the best sets I have ever spun live.  It traverses genres and speaks to the mind, heart, and soul. 

Click Here to Download the NYE 2000 Maui Mix

For now, you will have to download the folder and listen to it as such. Due to breaking up the CD into tracks, I have not been able to successfully put it back together into one mp3 without some sort of noticeable clicks in the fusion.  When I can get a seemless mp3 of the entire mix, I will post it on soundcloud.


Saturday, February 19, 2011


And then. .
Escaping .
the infernal
All eternal
grip . . .
of a black hole
event . .
horizon .
ship . . .
. . chasmic
to . .
Now . rising
. . time in
With love . .
I Found . .
Alcove . .
Astound . .
I will . .
Sound . . .
decree . . .
And cry . .
Outloud . .
Now . . .
Be free . .
Manifest .
. Sea of Love
. Heal and Know
. Who you are
ext-ension .
Of me . .
Mention . .
Dreaming . .
Seems to be .
Streaming . .
Cosmos . .
Download . .
Lovingly .
Slowing down .
Energy .
To ceate .
What happens .
. . To be

See . .
Me . .
..... .... .... Rise
a plan
Space and time
Bo-dy and mind
And soul . .
. next to you
. . Thru music
. . Its truth
Energy .
Helix . .
In two . .
Become one .
And Three . .
As light. .
Time . . .
Me . . .
Climbing . .
And Finding .
And lining Up .
Fill my cup .
To the brim .
All it seems .
And . . .
What is up .
Come see me .
In my dreams .
it begins .
Anew . . .
Refresh . . .
Its true . . .
With you . .
I am . .
Always . .
Its best . .
I confess . .
When I know .
From . . .
Blue . . .
To red . .
shift spectrum .
A clue . .
High to low .
Sound through . .
The shift .
Different hue . .
Ear see sound .
open ground .
Seeds planted . .
Universe granted . .
gifts . .
. . Of infinity
infinity infinity infinity infinity...

Just Myself

what did I do...
why did I do it?
I have no clue
if I knew
that I would lose you
would never go through
what I thought was right
now, I fight
internal destruction
can't even function
I'm sorry to no end
losing my friend
would never be
what I want for me
I can't even see
past my tears
how I miss you so...
please let it go
I am not the same
becoming insane
from your silence

I will change things
but nothing rings
truer than what I want
and that is to recant
with you our old times
holding you close
soul like a rose
speaking in rhymes
when nothing is clear
and nothing I fear
more than the now and here
and all I can do is hope
please throw me the rope
please forgive me,
for being naive,
for being selfish
for being myself


all of the darkness abound
one thing to be found
is shimmering light within...
/#ck that, yo we came to win
you know I'm here
with nothing to fear
a vast glowing array
novas birthing today
cosmic brother
from another mother
you know its true
you know how to
put a fire ablaze
now set your gaze
on your goals
of success
put that talk to rest
it is time
to manifest

Meta Zen

Light flickering low
Nowhere else to go
so I fall within
And so I begin
To wake
in a dream
make me scream
Which I can't shake
From Mistakes I make
And so I recluse
Love I refuse
Inward bound
And Music found
Lost Soul in me
From What I need
From What I see
From that I feed
Now Let it be
Now Let it go
From High to low
Now I will grow
To become ...
Myself again
But without friends
To hold me tight
Lonely nights
I Lost it all
In Downward fall
And Then I grasp
A Breathing gasp
An Orgasmic past
To An Organic task
Now Seedling Grow
A Harmonic Flow
Beauty in death
Now Rise from breathe
See Pheonix fly
I too shall die
And From the ashes...
I will Rise again
Only to find...
My Meta Zen

Dear Music

Dear Music,

I missed you...
more than you know

even though
I left
I fought
you thought
I might 
never come back

But your track
record ...
seducing me
happens to be
my ecstacy
my devotion
my religion
my ocean
of love...
I'm coming back

From above
in heaven
I rejoice
you are my choice
my first love
my number one
as I voice
to you 
You are my Sun
how I 
love thee
I want to be
the sheets
of musical bliss 
I have missed 
I recall
all of this
you are my one
you are my two
You are my three
you know what to do
heal me... 
my pain
its true...
I am back
To be with you

Loyal through time
one simple rhyme
in my divine
dance with notes
as I wrote
through my strife
take flight
through life
inspire me
to be 
the person
will stop me
from loving you 
as we planned

more than a perfect ten
In love with you I am
You take me to my Zen
I will never leave you again

Your one and only
- Mz

Chapter 33 Mixed by Mauricio Zuniga

This mix tells a story.
Maybe if you ask me, we can talk about it...
With love,
Special thanks to Bio, Drewslum, Ruthie, Julz, Jsun, Emily, my Family and Friends for the help and inspiration
Release/catalogue number: chapter33 

Evolution (Mauricio Zuniga's Abundance Chill Mix)


Just a quick lil Downtempo / Psychill Mix.I think its super sexy and would also fit well on that special night while you are on a voyage outdoors.You could most likely use this mix for Yoga, Workouts, Meditation, Dancing, or Dreaming...

During the summer, I was thinking I would really like to put out a mix.I didn't really plan it out, it just happened... its not perfect, but it is... its an expression that came out one summer evening that just fit my mood...I love the people that inspired me to create this._I Know who YOU are...I <3 U
Also, I Wanted to also thank Jsun, for two of the best tracks on the mix... he introduced me to them and was kind enough to share for my creative output.Jsun inspired me in many ways to get to the paces I am today.I love you, bro...

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Valentino Mix (Finding Jewels)

The Valentino Mix (Finding Jewels)

I love you...
More than words can say
More than music can convey
A Valentines Day present truly from the heart....
I hope you enjoy it <3
Flames flickering
By the gentle night
Me next to you
Our Souls taking flight
and I realize...
You're my..
Elegant notion
Loving devotion
Taking me higher
With you.. I conspire
A World conquest
But You come first
In Waking dreams
I'm Lucidly aware
And it seems
Quite a pair
We make
Grandeur awaits
Successful traits
More than words can say
More than music conveys
Our souls tied together
I love you forever
Track Listing:
Bluetech - Desperate Ends
Bluetech - Leaving Babylon
Unknown - Soft Tempest
Bluetech - Prophetic Sines
Seventh Swami - Forever You Forever Me
Ooah - Hacksaw
Mimosa - Drippin [Like My Sweat ;) ]
Bassnectar - ?? (Sale La Luna?)
Lamb - The One
Zozolovin - Sounds in a Dark Room
Real Transported Man - Heya Man
L-Wiz - Mojito
Phrenik - Take Me Away
Mimosa - In Search of Beauty
Ali Jones : "Really really nice mix, Meta Zen ;)"
Ana Salas : "Love It"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Freebies and Sweet Treats that I want to share :: Free Downloads (Ott, Phutureprimitive, Nasty Nasty, and more)

Phutureprimitive - The Changeling :
Only free until March 15th!

Ott - Adrift In Hilbert Space :

Nasty Nasty - Out Here :
Nasty, glitchy, and sexy: get some!
Out Here (original mix) by NastyNasty

Mauricio Zuniga - Evolution (MZ's Abundance Chill Mix)
one of my personal favorites, you can listen, share, or download it!  It features a few Ott AND Phutureprimitive tracks.
Evolution (Mauricio Zuniga's Abundance Chill Mix) by Meta Zen

Freebies and Sweet Treats that I want to share :: Free Downloads (Bill Bless, Great Mixes, and more)

Here is a list of some great freebies I have found lately. Enjoy!

The Far Reaches of Know Where by Okulus Anomali 
This is a great excursion through tribal sounds with a dubstep flare. I highly approve this mix. The download link can be found in the description on mixcloud.

Then Bill Bless - "Ear Fatigue", courtesy of 40 Hz Media.
This is a psychedelic, melodic, midtempo track for your downloading pleasure.
Bil Bless - Ear Fatigue (Free DL) by 40 Hz Media

Nick Bliss - "Brainwaves"
This is my homie, Nick Bliss with a nice little chill midtempo glitch; perfect for that chill mix you have been working on. Lovin' the vibe and snares on this one.

Brainwaves by Nick Bliss

Basstream Radio Episode 049 mixed by Dave Sweeten
As always, my homie Dave, droppin the sweet delicous bass that you love and crave.  Download it and bump this shit in your car or where ever you are!
Basstream Radio on - Episode 049 - VA mixed by Dave Sweeten by Dave Sweeten

Meta Zen - "Finish Him"
Finally some shameless self promotion.
But don't worry, this is actually a good track and has been receiving some very nice reviews. "Finish Him" goes from grimey dirty dubstep into some serious breakbeats. This is great to transition or you can play it in your breaks or tek-funk set.

Meta Zen - Finish Him (FREE DOWNLOAD :: MP3/320 Kbps & WAV!) { Dubstep into Breaks w/Great Reviews } by Meta Zen