Thursday, February 10, 2011

Freebies and Sweet Treats that I want to share :: Free Downloads (Bill Bless, Great Mixes, and more)

Here is a list of some great freebies I have found lately. Enjoy!

The Far Reaches of Know Where by Okulus Anomali 
This is a great excursion through tribal sounds with a dubstep flare. I highly approve this mix. The download link can be found in the description on mixcloud.

Then Bill Bless - "Ear Fatigue", courtesy of 40 Hz Media.
This is a psychedelic, melodic, midtempo track for your downloading pleasure.
Bil Bless - Ear Fatigue (Free DL) by 40 Hz Media

Nick Bliss - "Brainwaves"
This is my homie, Nick Bliss with a nice little chill midtempo glitch; perfect for that chill mix you have been working on. Lovin' the vibe and snares on this one.

Brainwaves by Nick Bliss

Basstream Radio Episode 049 mixed by Dave Sweeten
As always, my homie Dave, droppin the sweet delicous bass that you love and crave.  Download it and bump this shit in your car or where ever you are!
Basstream Radio on - Episode 049 - VA mixed by Dave Sweeten by Dave Sweeten

Meta Zen - "Finish Him"
Finally some shameless self promotion.
But don't worry, this is actually a good track and has been receiving some very nice reviews. "Finish Him" goes from grimey dirty dubstep into some serious breakbeats. This is great to transition or you can play it in your breaks or tek-funk set.

Meta Zen - Finish Him (FREE DOWNLOAD :: MP3/320 Kbps & WAV!) { Dubstep into Breaks w/Great Reviews } by Meta Zen

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