Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just Myself

what did I do...
why did I do it?
I have no clue
if I knew
that I would lose you
would never go through
what I thought was right
now, I fight
internal destruction
can't even function
I'm sorry to no end
losing my friend
would never be
what I want for me
I can't even see
past my tears
how I miss you so...
please let it go
I am not the same
becoming insane
from your silence

I will change things
but nothing rings
truer than what I want
and that is to recant
with you our old times
holding you close
soul like a rose
speaking in rhymes
when nothing is clear
and nothing I fear
more than the now and here
and all I can do is hope
please throw me the rope
please forgive me,
for being naive,
for being selfish
for being myself

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