Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mauricio Live in Maui (NYE 2000)

Imagine a bunch of friends travelling to Maui, Hawaii to spend New Years Eve 2000 during the whole Y2K Craze.  We decided there wasn't any better place to be than paradise if something went down.  Well, on this lovely evening, we all traversed the looking glass in our own ways to find ourselves joining the beautiful night of the magical wonderland that is Maui.  I spun my vinyl on the beach, inspired by my surroundings, friends, and various influences...

This is one of the best sets I have ever spun live.  It traverses genres and speaks to the mind, heart, and soul. 

Click Here to Download the NYE 2000 Maui Mix

For now, you will have to download the folder and listen to it as such. Due to breaking up the CD into tracks, I have not been able to successfully put it back together into one mp3 without some sort of noticeable clicks in the fusion.  When I can get a seemless mp3 of the entire mix, I will post it on soundcloud.


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