Saturday, February 19, 2011

Evolution (Mauricio Zuniga's Abundance Chill Mix)


Just a quick lil Downtempo / Psychill Mix.I think its super sexy and would also fit well on that special night while you are on a voyage outdoors.You could most likely use this mix for Yoga, Workouts, Meditation, Dancing, or Dreaming...

During the summer, I was thinking I would really like to put out a mix.I didn't really plan it out, it just happened... its not perfect, but it is... its an expression that came out one summer evening that just fit my mood...I love the people that inspired me to create this._I Know who YOU are...I <3 U
Also, I Wanted to also thank Jsun, for two of the best tracks on the mix... he introduced me to them and was kind enough to share for my creative output.Jsun inspired me in many ways to get to the paces I am today.I love you, bro...

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