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Who is Meta Zen (Mauricio Zuniga)?

Meta Zen

Meta Zen - Take Some (Meta Zen Live) by Meta Zen

Riding on the success of placing top 3 for's "Gliitch EP" remix contest, Meta Zen has been gaining momentum as an artist, performer, and DJ.  As a result, his hit track, "Countdown" will be released on Substruk records shortly and will be available on major online music retailer sits. Meta Zen's improvisational live remixing, scratching, and robotic dance moves create a unique and interactive live show known to mesmerize and inspire the audience to dance to his 'psychedelectronic' sound. Meta Zen recently was asked to play a guest spot on's 50th Basstream radio show.  He played a full Live improvisational set on Basstream Radio; creating live remixes while mixing all of his own music -as well as modulating effects parameters live. The honor of playing this guest spot  has been bestowed to accomplished psychedelic bass musicians that are on the cutting edge of music production (such as Bird of Prey, Seventh Swami, Splatinum, etc

Mauricio Zuniga (Meta Zen / FractAlien) was born in Costa Rica and has been rocking dance floors and dropping the ill chill out for 14 years. He started to DJ in Philadelphia in 1996 while at the University of Pennsylvania and now resides in Miami, FL. Mauricio owned and built the psychedelic record shop, For 6 years, Chaos Existence was responsible for bringing some of the best psychedelic electronic music to the Pacific Northwest as well as shipping it around the world.

Mauricio's projects draw from a well of diverse sounds and influences include classical Indian, psy-trance, trip-hop, breaks, d&b, progressive, hip-hop, dubstep, glitch hop, and ambient. Mauricio likes to weave together unique soundscapes composed of his own music blended with fitting samples and selected tracks from other artists topped with a touch of live scratching. He has played with and often opened for world class talent such as Tipper, the Disco Biscuits, Hallucinogen, Younger Brother, Eat Static, Infected Mushroom, Jim Hopkins of Electroliners, Shulman, Bluetech, Hive, Bill Bless and many others. Mauricio is also known for his collaborative live improvisational electronic music sets and projects with The Disco Biscuits and the Obscure Project. He toured for a short period with the Disco Biscuits in 2000, rocking festivals and concerts in venues such as the Roxy, the Wetlands, and many more as they explored and innovated through new electronic and jam band sounds.

Mauricio is producing under the name Meta Zen- preparing to release a full album soon. 

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Just A Few of the Comments Made About Meta Zen (Mauricio Zuniga)
"You have skills my friend! You are talented and you absolutely radiate light when you drop beats. It is an amazing sight to behold. Wow!" - Rebekah Morse
"you, sir, are a musical genius & a truly remarkable friend...." - Mescalito Stormcrow
"Yes, DJ Mauricio...i just remember you from playing with the Biscuits back in the day,but you do have mad,MAD SKILLS..." - James M Bonner
"Worldclass" - Electrokid
"Man, you're sooooo good. Your music is filling my life with beauty right now. Thank you." -RM
Some of my favorite memories with you were ... "everytime you ever played music " - Juli Mazi
A Taste of Some Original Music

Meta Zen - Chronic

"Ill Hybrid" - Biosonik.
"Awesome Feel" - Volatile Manifestation


Meta Zen - Growbot 

One of my favorite tracks that I have written
"Sick!" - Phreek
***** Artist Mix  *****

Meta Zen - Take Some (Meta Zen Live Mix)

This is a set based on my performance on 1/15/2011 at Sprout Production's Xylem monthly event at the Whiskey Bar in Portland, OR.
It was my farewell set as I moved across the country to Miami, FL.
All the tracks in this mix are originals, produced by Mauricio Zuniga (with some guest cameos by Nico Luminous and The Obscure Project).
What people said about the performance:
"Man you killed it so hard at Xylem last weekend and someone told me its all OG tracks? Where can i get some of your music?" - Hector Diaz
"Mauricio Zuniga thru down an amazing and beautiful farewell set for us all tonight. thank you for sharing Mauricio!" - Michael Israel
"That was fuggin amazing." - Biosonik
"So happy NOT to have missed that special night!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful self..." - Briana Williams
"Nice job [on your performance at Xylem]. I was impressed!" - Chris Firenze
"Ditto" - Phillip Frost
"That was super fun sauce!!" - Alison Ibabao
Track Listing :
FractAlien (aka Meta Zen) - Til Infinity
Meta Zen and Nico Luminous - Luminous Chaos
The Obscure Project (Mauricio Zuniga, Dave Van B, Rachel Frank) - Gritty
Meta Zen - Chronic (Original Mix)
Meta Zen - Growbot
Meta Zen - Countdown
Meta Zen - Bassic
FractAlien (aka Meta Zen) - Chaos Existence (Meta Zen Tweak)
Meta Zen - Discovery
Meta Zen - DramaTick Talks
Meta Zen - Finding Myself (Medicine Mix)
Meta Zen - Truth
DJ mixes:

Meta Zen - Chapter 33

"This is brilliance. this whole mix. thank you..." - Revilo27

Click to listen to this sound by Mauricio Zuniga: This mix tells a story. Maybe if you ask me, we can talk about it... With love, Mz Special thanks to Bio, Drewslum, Ruthie, Julz, Jsun, Emily...


Meta Zen - Valentino (Finding Jewels Mix)

I love you...
More than words can say
More than music can convey
A Valentines Day present truly from the heart....
I hope you enjoy it <3 

"Really really nice mix, Meta Zen ;)"
"Love It"
"Good Stuff MZ!"
"Very Nice"
- This is one of my favorite mixes I have made. - Mauricio

Meta Zen - Evol:ution (Mauricio Zuniga's Abundance Mix)

Sexy and Sultry downtempo Mix that you can enjoy and download...

"...wonderful my friend...what a nice sensation,great move,lovely space...dreamy journey...thank you for sharing your work with us...hug from Portugal..." - Daya
"Very good tracks and mix!Nice work!" - Sakic

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