Thursday, June 9, 2011

Glitch and Bass Updates!

So It has been a little while since I have posted on my blog. There hasn't been too many free tracks catching my eye, and I have been busy with life as well as creating mixes and promoting myself.

So, I have a few things going on lately. I finally have my Phantom Hertz EP, Short Circuit 2 out on Addictech. To make things even more interesting, I've got a front page feature on Addictech! You can check out the feature here : In addition, Phantom Hertz is nice enough to put out a free promo track for download to celebrate my new release : DramaTick Talks. It's a fairly intense Dubstep / Psystep track which has received a good number of favoritings before it was released for free... go ahead and grab it!
DramaTick Talks [Phantom Hertz PHZPROMO005] {Free Download} by Meta Zen

I want to go ahead and give a special thanks to Phantom Hertz for their support! Give them a visit and download some of their free promo tracks here:

Phantom Hertz Promo Releases by Phantom Hertz Recordings

Then, I've also just recently completed a drum and bass mix. It was inspired by a set I did for J. Rock's First Fridays here in Miami. It is an intense adventure, so I hope you are ready!
Download it here:
Meta Zen - First Fridaze (Drum and Bass + Drumstep DJ Mix) by Meta Zen

And if you haven't checked out my previous "glitch and bass" mix, check it here: The Path is the Goal

Then, I gotta give a shout to my homie Eric Dez. Eric is a Miami based producer. His tracks are sick and I believe you will be hearing a lot from him in the future! I am consistently impressed by his musical abilities: his live show is impressive and his tracks are legit. Check out this free download he just put out!

Operation Mind GRIME [FREE DOWNLOAD] by ericdez

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